Mission Statement

The Mackinac Island Public School community is dedicated to inspiring all we serve

to develop their full potential as lifelong learners.



The Mackinac Island Public School Code of Student Conduct has been created through the

cooperative efforts of the teachers, Superintendent, and Board of Education.  Final approval of the

Code of Student Conduct rests with the Mackinac Island Board of Education, which reserves the

right to amend the Code of Student Conduct at a regular public meeting.  If the Board wishes to

consider amending a portion of the Code of Student Conduct, notification must be given in writing

to the President of the Teachers' Association one week prior to that public meeting and allow said

parties the right to express themselves at the meeting.


The primary purpose of the Mackinac Island Public School is to provide all students with the

opportunity to develop themselves and their skills to the fullest extent of their ability through our

resources.  In order to maintain such an environment, it is necessary to implement a code of student

conduct, which recognizes the dignity and worth of each individual and which provides reasonable

and clear processes for resolving problems.

The Mackinac Island Board of Education believes that the policies and regulations encompassed in

this Code of Student Conduct are reasonable and necessary to preserve the environment conducive to

learning.  Individual student’s rights will be protected but no individual has the right to interrupt the

learning environment of other students.  The teachers are required to maintain a suitable environment

for learning and administrators have the responsibility for maintaining and facilitating the

educational program.

The Board of Education and Superintendent not only have the power but the responsibility of

making and enforcing rules and regulations for the conduct of Mackinac Island Public School

students.  Mackinac Island Public School students are responsible to obey the rules and regulations

made by the Board and Superintendent if such rules are reasonable, not arbitrary, and are not

discriminatory.  Conversely, no student has the right to decide which rules or regulation they will

obey.  Anyone having questions or requiring further explanation is asked to call the school at 847-3376.

Last Modified on December 8, 2009