• 20101-2011 Season


    Lakers vs. Beaver Island 4 Feb 2011 WIN

    The high point of the game was Kenzie Bean's great play in which she ran through five people as though they weren't even there, stumbled forward, and threw the ball upward.  The crowd roared as it swooped through the hoop.   Each teams had a girl foul out. 


    Lakers vs. Grand Marais 28 Jan 2011 WIN


    Lakers vs. Maplewood 15 Jan 2011 WIN

    They have a younger team that allowed us to give our younger players to have some experience.  Everybody played. 


    Lakers vs. Hannahville 7 Jan 2011 WIN

    The Lady Lakers made 15 points before Hannahville scored; by halftime, it was 31-4.  Hannahville frequently lost control while dribbling.  Z’s moves do nothing but improve. The young team played 3rd quarter, with Hailey Armstrong and Halee Tokarz each scoring and Z scoring thrice.  DanRo, AdrRil helped bring the score up to 41-10.  ShaBla & AmRo played 4th quarter with DanRo, who hooped it in just 39 seconds with left, and even this tight on the clock, Hannahville got one in afterward, and even another shot was made on our basket.    

    Lakers vs. Grand Marais 18 Dec 2010 WIN

    The Lakers played Grand Marais at home early Saturday morning.   Once, after Grand Marais shot, the ball became stuck in the hoop.     


    Lakers vs. Grand Marais 17 Dec 2010 WIN

    The Lakers played Grand Marais at home after school Friday.    ZhaNa made 25 points.

    Lakers vs. Maplewood Baptist 14 Dec 2010 WIN 51-24

    Maplewood Baptists stood little chance Tuesday afternoon against the Lakers.  Our three strong seniors, Maggie Chambers, MaBu, and MorBroBu were their usual adroit selves, while Maplewood’s shooting was off.  Having missed a shot, ZhaNa would catch  their rebounds easily, so Maplewood didn’t often get a second chance.  The first half ended 38-10, with four of Munising Baptists’ ten points acquired from free throws.  Six seconds before the close of the first half, an amazing play occurred: The Lakers gained possession and Hailey Bean stood outside the line to throw in, not ten feet from Maplewood’s end.  She cast the ball sideways to ZhaNa, halfway down the court, who then hooped it in at three seconds. 

    ZhaNa had sixteen points in the first half, while MorBroBu had fourteen. 

    Third quarter began with more underclass players.  Halee Tokarz is beginning to show that she is the person that can carry the ball to the correct end, and she did so twice.  A timeout was called between free throws, an infrequently seen move.  Later in the third quarter, we saw the return of the seniors, although we stood 47-19.  By the fourth, the younger players were getting show again.  The game ended 51-24.  


    Lakers vs. Detour 11 Dec 2010  LOSS

    There was a JV game on Saturday as well.     


    Lakers vs. Detour 10 Dec 2010  LOSS

    The Lakers traveled to Detour on Friday.    They stayed in cabins on Drummond Island.   



    Lakers vs. Ojibwe 7 Dec 2010 WIN

    These teams seemed evenly matched at the beginning – the initial four minutes brought the score 5-5.  We also shot two sets of free throws in those four minutes.  However, by the end of the 1st quarter we had outdistanced them 19-5, with ZhaNa and Hailey Bean both making baskets in addition to our seniors. 

    Ojibwe had improved over previous years, but they were full of almosts: almost making shots, almost getting the rebound.  When close, they just couldn’t shoot over ZhaNa’s high blocking; from distance, they couldn’t hoop the ball.  We gave them a couple free throws, but in the first half, they couldn’t make them either.  Their passing was OK, but their ball handling was weak, and so we stole often.  Hailey Armstrong gave a magnificent run up and swish, yards ahead of anyone, bringing us to 29, with Ojibwe still at 5.  As their #24 made both of her free throws, the first half ended.

    As the second half began, Ojibwe began to pick it up, making several shots, rising quickly from 5 to 19, making blocks, grabbing possession.  Their ball handling was still weak at times, but by the end  of 3rd quarter the score was 39-22, closing a 24-point gap to a 17-point gap. 

    Fourth quarter saw ZhaNa carry the length of the court for two points, and then a smooth interception by Hailey Bean as the opposition passed.  Just one minute before the horn, AmRo swished to bring the score to 45-26. 

    Ojibwe gave a nice performance - a team with a smaller bench and much younger – without seniors and six of ten players still in middle school.  They look to be a formidable team next year as we lose four seniors. 


    Lakers vs. Put-In-Bay 3 Dec 2010 WIN

    As the girls warmed up, a costumed mascot Panther appeared and a cake walk took place in the hallway.

    The game began; ZNa won the tip and MaBu made the first goal.  The Lakers launched immediately into advantage, attaining a score of 10-2 after four minutes.  After making her free throws, Maggie Chambers was hit in the face.  Panthers could hustle the ball down the court, but the Lakers defense was an insurmountable force; the Panthers usually lost the ball as soon as they arrived at their end; occasionally they passed it anxiously around and through Lakers defense before losing it without a shot on goal.  The first quarter ended 17-4. 

    The second half began without the Lakers playing the 3Ms – a foretaste of what we’ll be doing next year.  When the seniors returned, MorBB demonstrated her excellent ball handling, carrying the action over and over to the Laker end, while Maggie Chambers and MaBu demonstrated their shooting skills.  In the third quarter, the Panthers were doing better, raising their score to 14.  A runaway ball created a scramble and TaHop became the center of a pile of girls on the floor trying to gain control of it. 

    In the fourth quarter, however, the Panthers climbed within eight points of the Lakers.  

    The game ended 41-29. 

    Lakers vs. Brimley 30 Nov 2010 LOSS

    The Lady Lakers lost badly to Brimley in a non-conference game Tuesday night.  Link here for more.



    2009-2010 Season

    "The Mackinac Island girls basketball team will share the Northern Lights League (NLL) championship with Beaver Island after the Lakers hung on to defeat the Islanders 37- 30 during the final regular season league game Friday, February 19, at Mackinac Island." 

    See complete article with photo at St. Ignace News. 

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