• 2010-2011 Season
    Lakers vs. Beaver Island    4 Feb 2011 WIN  

    This was the guys' first win of the season!  The Beaver Islanders weren't very fast and they made plenty of mistakes, but unfortunelately for us, they could shoot and caught most of their rebounds.  AusRu and ToFri each made two points on a set of free throws; Beaver Island missed many of their free throws.   

    Lakers vs. Paradise    21 & 22 Jan 2011  BOTH LOSSES  
    Lakers vs. Maplewood    15 Jan 2011  LOSS  

    Mapelwood had the height advantage.  Lakers did better than last time, but still fell short.  

    Lakers vs. Hannahville  
    7 Jan 2011  LOSS  

    Hannahville scored just 6 seconds in; Colton Fisher made our first.  Jeremy Hepker made a good interception.  AnthRi was out on injury early in the game.  Our guys did some good passing down at our end, but they seldom got around to shooting there was a lot of fast traversing of the court – a fast game to watched, but Hannahville was out-shooting them at every round.  They drove us to the edges if we could carry it to friendly territory.  We always paid full price for our goals.  AuRu made two in a row.  Lakers sometimes languid approach contrasted Hannahville’s high energy style –  Hannahville was always running, always aggressing.  Collin Armstrong started the 2nd half out right by hoping a couple in.  ToFri made the last goal at 1:50 and game ended 29-59. 

    Lakers vs. Grand Marais   18 Dec 2010  LOSS  
     Colton Fisher made eight points; LeHor also made points.  AusRu, being injured from Friday's game, could not play Saturday morning.   
    Lakers vs. Grand Marais  17 Dec 2010  LOSS   34-64
    AusRu was injured and could not play Saturday morning.     
    Lakers vs. Maplewood Baptist   14 Dec 2010   LOSS 22-67
    The Lakers lost badly Tuesday afternoon to Maplewood Baptist, who had a definite height advantage.   The Lakers were out-rebounded by far.  Maplewood was also an older team, the Lakers having only three upperclassmen.  Collin Armstrong, a sophomore, carried the majority of our points (10), and AntRi made six.   
    Lakers vs. Put-In Bay  4 Dec 2010 LOSS
    In the first half, the Lakers did very poorly, scoring only eight points, but in the second half they picked it up, almost catching the Panthers. 
    Collin Armstrong made two free-throws, and in a second set of free-throws he made the first, and as the second missed, number 12 from Put-In-Bay tried for the rebound but put the ball in the Laker's basket!  BlaRu made his first foul. 
    Lakers vs. Put-In Bay  3 Dec 2010 LOSS
    The Mackinac Island Lakers played their first game of the season Friday, facing the Panthers from Put-In Bay, Ohio. 

    Put-In-Bay, Ohio, arrived with a crowd , and with them middle/high school cheerleading squad, a welcome addition to the Laker crowd who enjoyed seeing them perform as well as the Lakers’ lower-elementary cheerleaders, to which we are more accustomed.

    We matched them in energy, but they had the definite height advantage, leaving us at half time behind 13-30.  AusRud and AntRic handled the ball the most, with TJ and Collin Armstrong supporting.  BlaRu and ToFri also showed Laker sprit.   

    The Panthers threw numerous free throws.

    Lakers picked up in the second half, but never came close to catching the Panthers.  KyShu, Jeremy Hepker, and LeHor caught some floor time in the fourth quarter.  The game ended 31-46

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