Vocational Jobs

Vocational Jobs Database

  1. Aircraft: A&P Technician, Ground and Flight, Pilot
  2. Arts & Design: Applied and Creative, Design, Media, Fashion
  3. Automotive: Automotive Technician, Driver, Heavy Equipment Operator, Repair, Trucking
  4. Bartending: Bartending Training
  5. Business: Accounting,  Administrative, General Office, Management, Marketing, Organizational Psychology, Secretarial
  6. Computers & Information Technology: Computers & Information Technology: CAD, Installer, Multimedia, Programmer, Repairer, Web Designer
  7. Construction: Estimator, Heavy Equipment Operator, Project Manager, Superintendent
  8. Cosmetology, Barbering & Beauty: Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Hair Design, Facial, Make-Up, Manicuring, Nails, Salon Management
  9. Criminal Justice: Corrections Officer, Security Guard
  10. Culinary: Cooking, Baking and Pastry, Catering, Hotel and Restaurant Management, and more
  11. Dental Assistant: Dental Assistant, Dental Administrator, Dental Receptionist
  12. Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia: Digital Filmmaker, Video Editor, Sound Technician
  13. Electronics & HVAC: Assembler, Electrical and Electronics Equipment Installer, Equipment Repairer, HVAC
  14. Fashion Design: Apparel, Illustration, Merchandising
  15. Gaming: Casino Dealer, Machine Repair, Table Games
  16. Healthcare & Medical: Dental, Massage Therapy, Medical Assistant, Medical Office, Medical Records Technician, Nursing, Optician, Paramedic, Pharmacy Technician, X-Ray Technician
  17. Healthcare Office Management: Office Management, Hospital Unit Coordinator
  18. Inspection & Environmental: Hazardous Waste Technician, Home Inspection, Inspector, Quality Assurance
  19. Jewelry: Bench, Designer, Identification, Diamond Setter
  20. Machinist: Machine Operator, CNC Machinist, CNC Operator
  21. Massage Therapy: Massage Therapy Training, Massage Therapy and Health Educator Training
  22. Nursing: Vocational Nursing, Registered Nursing, Nursing Assistant Training, Health and Rehabilitation Technician, Patient Care Assistant, and more
  23. Paralegal: Court Reporter, Criminal Justice, Legal Office, Paralegal
  24. Plumber: Pipefitter
  25. Private Investigation: Investigation, Security, Protection
  26. Rehabilitational Therapy: Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist
  27. Secretarial: Administrative Assistant, Computer Applications Specialist, Executive Assistant
  28. Telecommunications: Assembler, Cable Installer, Fiber Optic Technician, Networking, Repairer, Systems Installer
  29. Television & Film: Television Host, Producer, Anchorman, Anchorwoman
  30. Travel: Flight Attendant, Hotel Management, Reservationist, Travel Agent
  31. Web Design & Web Management: Web Designer, Web Developer, MCIWD
  32. Welding: Pipe Welding, Welding Technology, Combination Welding
Last Modified on October 12, 2009