The following are some of the scholarships which have been awarded to Mackinac Island students.  To learn how to give to these scholarships, link here. 

    Mackinac Island Community Foundation

    Founders' Scholarship

    Created by Island residents in 2010, this fund awards two or four year scholarships to students who have attended Mackinac Island Public School from 8th through 12th grades.  This will supplements up to $2000 any other awards the student may receive.  Recipients of the Little Stone Church four year award will not be eligible for this scholarship.  The recipient of the two year award will be eligible in his or her third and four the years.    This is a Mackinac Island Community Foundation Scholarship. 

    Frank Horn Scholarship

    This fund was established by friends of Frank Horn to honor his life.  This fund will be used to assist Island residents who want to further their education.  This is decided by a committee.  Students do not apply for this one.  This is a Mackinac Island Community Foundation Scholarship. 

    Manoogian/Gallagher Scholarship

    Richard and Jane Manoogian created this fund to augment the Mark Gallagher Scholarship; this fund provides up to $2500 a year to Island students to assist in their pursuit of higher education.  This is a Mackinac Island Community Foundation Scholarship. 

    Mark Gallagher Scholarship

    The Mark Gallagher Scholarship was established in memory of Mark Gallagher, a young Island resident who wished to serve his community as a police officer.  The scholarship assists students pursuing careers in law enforcement, criminal justice, or another type of service to Mackinac Island.  If no graduate pursues such a degree, it will still be awarded.  This is a Mackinac Island Community Foundation Scholarship. 

    Margaret W. and Wesley H. Maurer Scholarship

    As co-publishers of the Mackinac Island Town Crier, Margaret and Wesley Maurer valued education.  The Margaret W. and Wesley H Maurer Scholarship is awarded to Mackinac Island Public School graduates seeking higher education.  This is a Mackinac Island Community Foundation Scholarship. 

    Cloverland Power of Excellence Scholarship

    Cloverland Electric Cooperative offers a $1500 scholarship for use at any accredited university, college or vocational / technical school in the United States.  This scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior whose parent or legal guardian is a member of Cloverland Elective Cooperative with an active service account.  To request an  application, contact Cory Wilson at (906) 632-5181.  The deadline in the past has been May 2nd.

    John Franks Scholarship

    The John Franks Scholarship requires students to submit a portfolio.

    The Stella King Scholarship

    Stella King was Mackinac’s lay health nurse, providing prenatal, child, and general wellness programs to an isolated winter community. Several fundraising activities help out with this fund.






Last Modified on September 12, 2017