Supply List

  • Here is the list of the supplies your son or daughter will need for school. As you purchase your supplies, please keep in mind that each student will each only be able to use one locker in the hallway and one cubby in the classroom. 


    USB drive (The following students left them at school over the summer: OS, LB, KC, DS, and AK.) 


    Two folders 


    Four, wide ruled spiral notebooks, around 100 pages each (Don't pay extra for fancy covers - they'll get covered up.) 


    One, three-ring binder (It doesn't need to be big. The one inch size should have plenty of room.)


    One set of dividers for the binder (The set of binders should have at least six dividers.)


    Small tool box or pencil case to help stay organized


    Pens for checking papers


    Pencils - lots of pencils


    Markers or colored pencils (Both are not necessary. We have a supply of crayons at school.)




    Dry erase markers 


    Scissors (We have lots of scissors at school, but many students prefer to have their own small pair - especially if your child is a lefty.)


    Non-marking gym shoes


    Additional supplies students have found useful in the past:


    Pencil top erasers


    Pencil grippers


    Small pencil sharpener


    Personal headphones (We do have a number of headphones at school, but some students prefer to use their own.)


    A shelf for the bottom of the locker. (That way they have room for their boots as well as other items at the bottom.)

Last Modified on August 26, 2019