Students will be writing various pieces through the year: fiction, nonfiction, persuasive, and poetry pieces.
They will be graded  on the 6 + 1 Traits of writing:
  Ideas are the heart of the message, the content of the piece, and the main theme, together with all the details that enrich and develop that theme.  The secret all lies in the DETAILS.  Is the message clear?  Is there enough information?
   Organization is the internal structure of writing - like the framework of a building or the skeleton of an animal.  It holds things together, and gives the whole piece form and shape.  Good organization helps a reader understand a writer's message or follow a story with ease.  Does the paper have a good beginning, middle and end?  Are the ideas told in the best order?
    The voice is the writer coming through the writing.  It is the heart and soul of the writing, the magic, the wit, the feeling, the life, and breath.  It is unique to each writer.  Does this writing sound like the writer? 
Sentence Fluency
   Sentence fluence is the rhythm and flow of the language, the sound of word patterns, the way in which the wirting plays to the ear, not just the eye.  How does it sound when read aloud?  Fluent writing is free of awkward patterns that slow a reader down and cause the reader to stumble or reread.    Do the sentences begin in different ways?  Are some sentences long and some short?
Word Choice
    Word choice is the use of rich, colorful, precise language that communicates not just in a functional way, but in a way that moves and enlightens the reader.  In good descriptive writing, strong word choice paints pictures in the reader's mind.  Verbs, verbs, verbs are important.  Words that show action, energy and movement. 
    Spelling, punctuation, grammar and usage, paragraphing, and capitalization. 
+ Presentation