• 2nd/3rd Grade Goals




    The goal in 2nd and 3rd grade will be for students to become fluent readers who are able to comprehend what they read.  Students will become familiar with and use a variety of strategies to understand text using graphic organizers (KWL, story maps, character webs), QAR (question/answer relationships), and SQ3R (Survey, Read Actively, and Answer).


    Students will learn strategies through whole group shared reading activities and practice these strategies in their guided reading groups.  They will read a variety of texts including both fiction and nonfiction.


    Students should read nightly!




    Students will become familiar with the writing process: brainstorming or webbing, writing a first draft, editing their own work, and rewriting the story with more detail.  Students will also improve in the use of spelling and punctuation.


    Students will write daily in the classroom!




    Students will work on using strategies to add, subtract, multiply, and divide larger and larger numbers.


    Students will explore the concepts of measurement, graphing, geometry, and fractions.


    Students will also become familiar with the different strategies for problem solving:  finding a pattern, making a table, drawing a picture, guess, check and revise, working backwards, making an organized list and choosing the operation.