• 2016 Season
    The young Lady Lakers traveled to Hannahville for their opening games of the season against a veteran Soaring Eagle team.  The Lakers started 2 juniors and 4 eighth graders and it showed early as the home team jumped out to a 25-8 first set win.  The Lady Lakers struggles on their serve receive defense and lost in 3 sets with the final two 25-19 & 25-13.  They did work hard and showed improvement throughout the evening.
    In the Saturday games the Lady Lakers did a better job on defense but continued to struggle with their serves and lost again in 3 sets.  Grace Yakabur and Cheyla Shunk had good games serving and defensively. The young team did come out and play a more inspired game and should continue to improve as the year goes on.  Our new coach is Ms. Jennifer Schrader who takes over for Terry Armstrong.
    The Lakers lost in 3 sets to Maplewood Baptist on 9/12.  The girls are improving on defense but serving was again a problem for them.  The Black Bears have always had a strong team and this year is no exception.  Ariana Pereny did a nice job passing the ball and returning serves.
    Game #4 - The Lady Lakers hosted Munising Baptist for NLL matches.  The Lakers lost in the first match 13-25, 12-25 & 19-25.  Cheyla Shunk and Grace Yakuber served well and kept the ball in play on many points.  The young girls continue to improve.  Our youngest players, Mabel Styburski and Clara Chamber, got some valuable playing time which will only help them in the future.
    Game #5 -  The Lady Lakers second match of the day was also against Munising Baptist.  The girls gave it their best before falling 11-25, 21-25 & 10-25.  The girls struggled with their serving most of the match.  Brooke Dziobak and Ava Sehoyan played well.  Ella Cowell is doing a nice job passing the ball and serving.
    The Lady Lakers traveled to Maplewood Baptist and came out playing well and dropped the first set 18-25.  The team lost their focus and dropped the next set 5-25 before playing better in the 3rd set before losing 13-25.  The Black Bears are the NLL tournament champions for 2016 and are a very good team.
    The next match had us travel to Ojibwe for games.  The host team played well and the Lakers lost in 4 sets 23-25, 25-21, 11-25 and 21-25.  Consistent play is something that has been a struggle for the young team.  Cheyla and Ella had very good games throughout the day.
    Beaver Island played very well in their weekend series against the Lakers and posted wins on Friday of 23-25, 7-25 and 19-25.  Saturday games were much the same with the Lakers not being able to find a sustained play during the match.  Scores on Saturday were 18-25, 15-25 and 19-25.  Grace Yakuber and Cheyla had consistant games.  Brook Dziobak had good serving in both matches.
    Games against Ojibwe were much closer this time.  The teams battled to a final 5 set match with Ojibwe winning the last set 15-11.   Each time the girls would get close the visitors would make a play to take back the serve.  This was the final league matches for the Lakers who finished the league at 0-10 on the year.
    The Lakers traveled to Atlanta for a match and lost in 4 sets 9-25, 9-25, 25-22 & 15-25.  
    The last regular match was at NMCA.  The Lakers started out strong and took the first two sets 25-22 and 27-25.  The host team came out strong in the 3rd set and the Lakers lost 9-25 and then 12-25.  Due to travel constraints and the host team having another game that night, the matched ended 2-2.  Ella Cowell and Cheyla Shunk played outstanding in the first two games and Ariana Pereny was excellent at the libero position.
    2015 Season
    Games 1 & 2   The Lady Lakers hosted Whittemore Prescott on 8/21 & 8/22.  The Lakers lost 8-25, 17-25 & 11-25 on Friday.  Saturday scores were 14-25, 5-25 & 15-25.  The Lakers are very young again this year with 10 members on the squad and four of those are 7th graders.  They will continue to work hard to gain experience leading into the league schedule.
    Game #3   The Lady Lakers hosted Hannahville on 9/3 for the opening of the Northern Lights League season. The Lakers lost the first game 26-24 and a close second game 25-23.  The third game was 25-12.  
    Game #4    The Lady Lakers lost another 3 set match to the Soaring Eagles on 9/4 to fall to 0-2 in the league.  The Lakers have been playing better, including serving but the Eagles were too tough for the young Mackinac Island team.  Cheyla Shunk had an excellent game as well as Lea Loekel, who is playing for the first time.  Peyton Waaso played a great defensive game and the young players are starting to get more comfortable playing with the older girls.
    Game #5    The Lady Lakers traveled to Maplewood Baptist on Monday, 9/14 for their second Northern Lights League match.  The Lakers lost in 3 sets with a close second set score of 24-26.  The Black Bears serving was the difference in the match as the young Lakers could not return some of the serves.  Cheyla Shunk and Brooke Dziobak served well for the Lakers.
    Game #6   Next up for Mackinac Island is the team from Ojibwe.  The Lakers started out strong in their serving game and, after a brief lapse in the second set, regained their composure and won their first match of the season in 4 sets!  Peyton Waaso and Cheyla Shunk had excellent serving games.  Grace Yakabur made many nice sets to help the offense.  Brooke Dziobak continued to improve, especially serving. Peyton had some nice digs to help keep the ball in play on the defensive end.  Our younger girls, Ella, Ava, Ariana and Hannah continue to get valuable playing time.
    Game #7 & #8  The Lakers hosted Munising Baptist in a double header prior to the afternoon soccer game.  These games were best 2 out of 3.  The Lakers fell in both matches as their inexperience showed.  The young team is still working to find a cohesive unit that is willing to work for a full match.
     Game # 9  The Northern Lights League tournament was held at Sault Saint Marie Middle School on 9/26.  The Lakers played all the league teams in two games to 21.  The Lakers finished pool play with a 5-5 record.  The lost to Maplewood Baptist and Munising Baptist, split games with Hannahville, and defeated Beaver Island and Ojibwe.  Winning a game over Hannahville was good since they had defeated us earlier in the year.  The Lakers then lost to Maplewood Baptist, the eventual champion, in the first round of the elimination tournament.  Cheyla Shunk, Grace Yakabur and Peyton Waaso continue to play well.  The young girls had their first experience at a tournament setting and found out that it take preparation and concentration to perform well over a 6 hour day!
    Game #10  The Lakers hosted Maplewood Baptist and dropped a 3 set match.  Brooke Dziobak served well and Cheyla and Peyton had good days around the net.  The girls were up against an experienced Black Bear team today. 
     Game #11  The 13th Annual Mackinac Island Invitational Tournament was held on Saturday, October 3rd with some tough weather.  We had some teams arrive late due to wave action bending the boat ramp.  Boats from Star Line stopped throughout the day and teams had to leave on Arnold Line.  The Lakers finished 1-7 in pool play splitting games with Wolverine.  They defeated NMCA in the first round of the tournament in 3 sets before losing to DeTour who finished second in the tournament to Marine City Cardinal Mooney.  Peyton Waaso was named to the All-Tournament team for Mackinac Island.
    Game #12  The Lakers started slowly against an improving Ojibwe team.  The first two games found the Lakers losing by 19-25 scores.  The team got it together in the 3rd game winning 25-17 and then continued with a 25-16 and 15-9 games to take the match.  Cheyla Shunk continues to serve well for the Lakers.  There were good attacks by Cheyla and Hannah Styburski.   Peyton Waaso got the team off to a good start in the 3rd game serving 6 points and it set the tone for the rest of the match.  Good sets by Grace helped settle the team and the young girls started playing up to their potential.  The Lakers start two 7th grade and one 8th grade girl on their young team.
    2014 Season
    The Lakers started the season with only 6 players and did a great job.  The team was very young with only one senior and two others with playing experience.  
    They worked hard and never gave up throughout the year.  At the League tournament they improved against teams that they have suffered losses to earlier in the year.
    The Lakers hosted the District Tournament for the MHSAA for the first time ever. Engadine was the champion but our school and community were the real winners! 
    2014 Season
    The volleyball team completed the season finishing 3rd overall.  They won the Northern Lights League tournament for the first time!
    2013 Season

    Volleyball @ Maplewood Baptist   1 October 2013 WIN OR LOSS



    Tournament   28 September 2013   FIRST PLACE

    The tournament took place at the Maplewood Baptist School near Kinross, Michigan.  The girls were there most of the day. Cheyla made an ace that rolled on top of the net and went over just into their court.  One of Hailey’s serves hit an opposing player in the face. 


    Lakers vs. Hannahville  20& 21 September 2013  WIN

    Lakers were off to a bad start: A return out of bounds, a setup into the net, a serve onto the net’s top. They still tied it 3-3, however, and with Kyra serving they pulled ahead 6-3, then 10-3.  Mary served the Lakers 17-4.  Hannahville managed to get two in a row.  We got to see Peyton’s new flying leap serve, but two attempts at repeating it later didn’t fly so well.  The game was 25-13 within fifteen minutes.  The second game was over in twelve, 15-10. 


    In the fifth game, Hannahville took the lead, 6-8, but didn’t hold it long.  Hannahville hesitated when they played, but they were warming up or the Lakers were tiring: Hannahville closed to 22-18.  The game ended 25-20. 


    Lakers vs. Munising Baptists 13 September 2013  WIN

    Lakers traveled to Grand Marais but played Munising Baptist. Lakers won the first, second, and fourth games; Munising Baptist won the third, but it was a close game.   


    Lakersvs. Maplewood Baptist 10 September 2013  LOSS

    1 Maplewood fielded many tall girls and they pulled ahead quickly, swiftly moving up to 4-0 while the Lakers had a difficult time starting. 

    2 Lakers came back in the second match.  Maplewood trailed them the entire game. The game ended 25-9.

    3 Maplewood pulled ahead early in the third game, but an out-of-bounds shot brought the serve back to the Lakers and with Kyra serving they closed the gap up to 8-11. As Peyton served, the Lakers almost caught up to a tie [12-13].  Then with Amelia serving, we tied 15-15, then pulled ahead 18-15, staying ahead until 22-18. With Meadow serving, Peyton made point 24 look easy.  Maplewood then served at 24-23 and tied up the two teams again at 24. Lakers seemed to lose heart.  The game was lost at 26-24. 


    4 Lakers came out strong [7-1] and stayed ahead most of the game, until Maplewood passed us and ran up to 17-20.  The Lakers lost with ascore of 20. 


    Lakersvs. Atlanta 29 Aug 2013 WIN

    1 Hailey A gave the opening serve and immediately gained Lakers’first point. Lakers maintained only a narrow lead through the first partof the first game, but then pulled ahead 13-8, 14-8. Atlanta served theirown net three times in a row, bringing the score up to 20-13. Lakers hadmany volleys that clipped the net’s top that Atlanta appeared not to expect tobe successful but in fact they were earning points for the Lakers. 

    2 Lakers pulled ahead immediately in game two; Atlanta was able totie up only once, at 13

    3 Hailey A opened up leaving Atlanta first passing in wildly divergent direction and then into their net – two quick points for the Lakers. Amelia had several good attacks. Atlanta stayed closer in the third, closing to 19-18 and making some good returns. Peyton served the last four, bringing the final to 25-18. 


    Lakersvs. Rudyard   August 2013  LOSS

    Rudyardscored first two goals, and stayed a head 8-12, 8-14.  Rudyard served into the net several times. 

    Kyra tipped the first oneover on game two.  Lakers pulled ahead 9-7, but Rudyard soon tied them, then passed them.  Rudyard, however, could never establish a two point lead until the very end. 

    In the third game, Lakers stayed ahead until 16-16, when Rudyard finally passed them.  Then, as in the first two games, the Lakers trailed by one or two until the game tied 24-24. 




    2011 Season

    Lakers vs. Ojibwe 14 September 2011 WIN

    Ojibwe served and Z scored first point.  We stayed even up to 7-7, then pulled ahead 12-7, and soon it was 17-10.  The first game ended 25-16.
    In the second game, Mackinac Island easily soared to 11-2, but then #10 came to serve and Ojibwe rapidly gained 5 points.  AdRi got the serve and we stood at 17-9.  Meadow gave two good serves and then we served into the net a couple of time, but so did they, so the score stood at 22-13.  The second game ended 25-14. 
    With AmRo and HaArm serving, we climbed to 9-5, but then #10 came to serve again and they tied us up 10-10.  With a few bad serves on both sides, we tied 12-12, then 14-14, but that was the end of the ties.  By the time HaArm came to serve again, it was 21-15.  Ojibwe, however, kept their spirits up and soon tied Mackinac Island 24-24.  The third game ended 26-24.

    The Ojibwe team showed real sportsmanship and came out to play another round.  Meadow had a five-point run serving. 

    Lakers vs. Maplewood Baptist 9 September 2011 LOSS

    Friday’s volleyball matches were not games to miss!  They played all five games.  The games were preceded by Adrienne singing the national anthem.  

    Game I began badly with an ace from Maplewood running right up to 0-4, but ZhaNa’s tall presence at the net earned two early points and her serving four in a row immediately after.  The Lakers energy was audible in their “Team!”  After a brief TO to settle a coring problem, the teams tied and tied again up to 10-10.  MI coach called her 2nd TO.  Hailey A began serving and Mackinac scored 2 more, 12-16.  Under AdRi’s service, Mi scored only 1 more, but obtained the ball after only one point, 14-20.  Maplewood wins the first game.

    In Game II, Mackinac’s first two scores were from Maplewood’s’ bad serves, but then Z came to serve and we had two more.  Hailey A made a tricky return; Kyra subbed in as server; although we lost the serve, they lost it as well due to a faulty rotation.  Z slammed down our 9th point when Maplewood had 12.  Several Maplewood serves made out girls cry “Out!” and we found ourselves at 17-14.  Mary made an exceptional return from way down low and two drives from Z brought us to 20-20.  We finally pulled ahead and Maplewood called for a TO.  It was 22-20 with Z on the net.  The crowd saw the final point and called the second game, but the authorities disqualified last point.  Another bad serve by MB, 25-24.  Z served and HA made an unreturnable hit: 25-25.  Maplewood scored 25-27; some thought it was out-of-bounds; the teams were called to their end lines. 

    Game III began with a bad MB serve and we got 1; Peyton served and we got 5.  AmRo served two more: 6-2.  We must have been wearing them down, because with Z serving we climbed swiftly to 11-3.  Their lost the serve on their first attempt and then Hailey A served us one.  Maplewood began a run up to 16-9 until AdRi broke it.  Peyton was up to serve – 18-9.  JB gave lots of encouragement and advice from the stands: “Girls!  Call the ball!”  Maplewood’s tendency to hit it out helped us to 21-11.  Meadow served us our first win, 25-13.

    In Game IV, the teams tied their way up to 6-6, but then with a “lift” call against Mackinac, Maplewood had a clear lead of 7-9.  Then Mackinac began fumbling, falling, soon at 7-12.  Mackinac called TO.  Maplewood ran up to 7-15, and our work seemed to be going nowhere, except high into the rafters.  Suddenly, we seized initiative under Peyton and ran 11-15.  There were two amazing returns from Z, but Maplewood climbed to 11-17 anyway.   Z spiked our 13-18.  AmRo came up to serve.  It looked like her first serve was out, but it was called fair and she brought us 17-18.  We finally pulled ahead 21-19.  We stood at 24-19 and they found 21.  Lakers won their second game. 

    With AmRo serving in Game V, MI had a strong beginning 4-1 until a short.  At 4-5, Mackinac called a TO.  Lakers faltered and fumbled to 4-12 under a very strong server (#8).  Finally, a long serve brought us the ball, but Mackinac lost it immediately and Maplewood won their third game 5-15. 

    Lakers vs. Pickford 8 September 2010 LOSS

    The Lakers played at Pickford.  The Lakers lost, but they felt that they played well.  ZN had a “beautiful block” according to Mary Schockling.  They felt, however, that they were running into each other far too much.  Adrienne was proud that she didn’t miss any of her serves. 


    Lakers vs. Rudyard (Scrimmage), 19 August 2010 LOSS 
              The Lakers opened the season Friday morning.  Our team this year is young, with no seniors and only two juniors.  The team sported their new green Ts with the motto, "Our Blood, Our Sweat, Your Tears."  Although it was a scrimmage, it was good practice for the Lady Lakers. 
    2010 Season
    Lakers vs. DeTour, Monday, 1 November 2010    LOSS
              The Lakers played played five games against Detour in Pickford, winning two.  They left after school Monday and returned to the Island about eleven. 
    Lakers vs. Ojibwe, Thrusday, 28 October 2010    WIN
              Ojibwe arrived with only six players and one dropped out with illness early in the first game. Six is the minimum, so Ojibwe automatically lost a point every time their missing player would have been up to serve. MaBu began with 9 consecutive aces. MaCh made 8 consecutive serves.  All of Ojibwe’s points in the first gamer were rally points. 
             In the second game, the team played only the eighth– and ninth-graders and won as well. The third game ended 25-10.
    Lakers vs. Hannahville, Fri, 22 October 2010    WIN
    The volleyball team left with the soccer team on the earliest boat Friday.  The drive to Hannahville, which is west of Escanaba, will take over three hours, and both legs of the journey and both games will take place in the space of one long day.  They won in two out of three games.  "Everytime they got the ball, they hit it, like, twenty feet in the air," said TayHop
    "We dominated," said HaiBe. 
    Lakers vs. Beaver Island, Fri-Sat, 15-16 October 2010  LOSS / WIN
    As the Lakers flew to Beaver Island, junior members did not attend.   On Friday night they lost, making 41 serving errors.  They won one of the four games.  In the morning, they did better on their serving.  They won three out of five games. 
    Lakers vs. Munising Baptist, Tuesday 12 October 2010  WIN
    Both Lakers and junior varsity won on Tuesday.   In the third varsity game, junior varsity members subbed in, and then the junior varsity played a game to fifteen.  It was a good experience game for the younger players. 
    Lakers vs. Atlanta Huskies, Tuesday 5 October 2010  WIN
    Lakers Volleyball won in three out of four games, but junior varsity lost.  Meadow got a bloody nose when a ball hit her in the face.  Varsity won the first game 10-25, and then they lost the second 25-10.  The third and fourth games belonged to the Lakers.
    "Atlanta is one rowdy school," said MaBu. 
    Meadow said, "When it was their turn to serve, the crowd would all shout reload! and when they served, they would all shout bang!"
    "I wish the crowd was like that here," said MoBrBu.    
    "It's fun playing with a  bigger audience," said MaCh, "and a bigger school."  
    Lakers vs. Engadine Eagles, Thursday 30 October 2010  LOSS

    Lakers Volleyball played four games against Engadine Eagles Thursday night.  The teams were fairly evenly matched and the Lakers played hard.  Early in the first game, the two teams stayed within one or two points of each other until the Lakers had 14, then the Eagles soared ahead until the score was 14-23.  Amazingly, the Lakers then gained a run on scores, almost shutting out the Eagles, raising the Lakers’ score to 22.  The Eagles, however, then made their final two points, taking the first game. 

    In the second game, the Lakers were seriously ahead for the first time, 15-10, and then 20-14.  After that, the Eagles caught up to 19, and then the teams tied 22.  Fans complained that calls were not made on iffy hits.  While  MaCha was serving, the tie rose to 25, and a good save by DiDu brought it to a 26 tie.  Finally, the Eagles won the second game at 27-29. 

    The third game brought the Lakers first win and the serving of MaCha certainly had something to do with it.  By the fourth game, the Lakers small numbers were wearing on the team’s endurance.  The Engadine Eagles were rotating players in and out, while the Lakers were not.  The Eagles won the fourth game, which was the third and ended the meet.  In a wonderful display of good sportsmanship, the Eagles shouted in unison, "Good game, Lakers!" 
    The Engadine Eagles are not a part of our league. 
    Lakers vs. Ojibwe  28 Sept - away - WIN
    The Lakers won the match in three games.   
    Lakers vs. Maplewood 25 Sept- away - WIN
    Lakers vs. Detour 18 Sept - away - LOSS 
    This was a non-league game.
    Lakers vs. Paradise 10 & 11 Sept. - WIN
    Tournament Tuesday, August 24, in Atlanta
    The Mackinac Island volleyball team defeated three other teams.
    2008 Season Top Stats:
    MM 64 aces and 101 kills
    MBB 274 good serves, 1245 sets
    MC 16 blocks
    MB 387 passes