• Office: Admissions, Enrollment, Transfer, and Withdrawal


    Enrollment of students is accomplished by reporting to the office and arranging for transcripts of

    grades earned to be transferred from the previous school attended.  Grade placement, selection of

    classes and other necessary paperwork will also be completed at this time.

    Parents must accompany the student to the office.


    Student 16 years old or older withdrawn for attendance difficulty must appear before the Board for re-enrollment.

    Transferring Elsewhere

    If a student is transferring to another school it is appropriate for the parents or student to inform the office of the transfer.  Transfer of records will normally be handled by the office personnel at the school to which the transfer is being made.  Transcripts will not be sent if we do not have a signed permission slip on file in the office.  School records cannot be given to parents: they must be requested in writing by the receiving school.

    Admission of Visitors to the School

    Parents are welcome to visit at any time, but we ask that you contact your child’s teacher and or the Superintendent first to determine the best time for a classroom visitation.  Student visitors must first get advance permission from the Superintendent and the teachers involved in the visit, and they are to report to the office on arrival and departure.  A total of two consecutive days may be granted to student visitors.

Last Modified on October 10, 2009