• Alternative Credit Sources

    Interactive TV (IATV)

    Instruction for Mackinac Island Public School students on the Eastern Upper Peninsula IATV TV network is available.  Students may enroll in IATV courses with the approval of the Superintendent.  Students should consider the following factors regarding IATV:

    1) Good behavior in the IATV classes is extremely important.  An IATV student should be self-disciplined and able to work without close supervision.

    2) Once a student makes the decision to enroll in an IATV course he/she shall remain in the course for the school year.

    3) Students must agree to abide by the sending school’s rules/guidelines.

    Independent Study

    To accommodate students interested in classes not offered at M.I.P.S., there are materials on file for enrolling in independent study courses.  A student considering this option is to check at the office.  Independent study can also be used if a student must make up a failed course or has transferred from another school and needs to fulfill a graduation requirement.  Such use of independent study will be restricted to students who will not be able to take the course during their normal school day.  Financial responsibility for independent study courses will rest with the student.


Last Modified on October 2, 2009