• Eligibility

    Athletic Team Eligibility

    All students participating in the athletic program must agree to abide by all guidelines set by the MHSAA in addition to the following:


    Individual Athletic Eligibility

    Athletes must meet the following criteria to participate in scheduled athletic contests:

    Phase I: Any athlete who has attained grades of C- or better in all classes for a semester will be automatically eligible for the entire next semester provided they maintain grades of C- or better during each progress report period and successive nine (9) week marking periods.  (e.g.  Grades of C- or better for the second semester of the previous school year will be used to determine eligibility for the first semester of the current school year.)

    Phase II: In the event an athlete does not meet Phase I requirements he/she can still participate in athletics under the following conditions:

    a) The athlete must be passing all classes with a grade of C- or better. 

    b) Grades will be determined by circulating an eligibility form on the last day of any school week (regardless of the length of the week) beginning with the first practice, which will determine the athlete"s eligibility to play the next week.  If the athlete fails to maintain a C- or better grade or exhibits behavioral problems they will be ineligible to play the following week.  The week will begin on the following Monday.  The athlete is expected to practice even if they are ineligible to play. 

    c) Grades will be cumulative starting from the beginning of the nine (9) week period. 

    d) Five (5) academic ineligibilities will result in the athlete"s removal from the team for the remainder of the season. 

    e) After the third ineligibility, written notice will be sent to the athlete"s parent(s) guardian(s).  After the fourth eligibility, written notice will again by sent followed by a conference which will involve the athlete, parent(s)/guardian(s), coach and superintendent or designee.

Last Modified on December 16, 2009