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    Absences will be classified as excused or unexcused.  An excused absence is any absence having parent/guardian knowledge and approval, and is communicated to the school via the parent/guardian (regardless of the student"s age).

    Excused Absences

    Excused absences shall be limited to seven (7) absences per class, per semester not including:

    s   funerals,

    s   pre-arranged vacations (vacation limit: a ten (10) day limit with pre-arranged parent/guardian approval), and

    s   medical appointments.  A written medical verification confirming the appointment must be submitted within five (5) days upon return to school (documentation of a continuing/existing medical problem could suffice.)

    School related activities are not considered absences.

    Unexcused Absences

    An unexcused absence is an absence not having parent/guardian knowledge and approval.  An unexcused absence is also an absence that may be called in but exceeds seven (7) days and is not covered by a medical verification signed by a physician or is not the result of a funeral or a arranged vacation.  Parents will be notified each time an unexcused absence occurs.  An unexcused absence shall be handled as follows:

    A.  One unexcused absence will be allowed per class each semester.

    B.  On the second unexcused absence from a given class, the student will receive a one (1) day in-school-suspension with an opportunity to make up the work.  Counseling will be provided.

    C.  On the third unexcused absence from a given class, the teacher will lower the card marking by 1/3.  Again, counseling will be provided.

    D.  On the fourth unexcused absence for the semester, the student will be withdrawn from class.

    1) An "F" grade will be given to a student who is withdrawn.

    2) Students withdrawn from 1st or 7th hour will be given an "F" grade for that class and either a late arrival (2nd hour starting time) or an early dismissal (end of 6th hour) will be allowed.

    3) Students under 16 years of age may not be withdrawn from more that two (2) classes.  Truancy among students below the age of 15 will be referred to the Intermediate School Superintendent and, if necessary, to the probate court.

    4) No student 16 years old or older will be withdrawn from more than two (2) classes, including a late arrival or early dismissal.  (Beyond 2 = withdrawal from school)

    5) Students withdrawn from 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th hour will be assigned study hall.  The study hall will be staffed at a point in the semester when the need arises.  An unexcused absence from study hall will be handled as follows:

    a) One unexcused absence will be allowed.

    b) On the second unexcused absence, the student 16 years old or older will be withdrawn from school if two classes have been altered.  If not, the second unexcused absence will be handled as a second class alteration.

    Home Notification

    The parent or guardian must call the office on the day of an absence to be considered excused.  The office will notify the parent/guardian via phone of all unreported absences.  (This will be done on the day of the absence.)

    Make-Up Policy

    Make-up work will be allowed for excused absences.  Non-test work must be made up within one week.  Tests must be made up within two days.  Teachers may make other arrangements as deemed appropriate within the time frame.

    Suspension Policy Concerning Absence-Count and Make-up of Schoolwork

    A suspension shall not constitute an absence and make-up work is encouraged for an out-of-school suspension.  The unexcused absence policy will be enforced for students who fail to report for in-house suspension.

    Family Vacations

    Pre-arranged vacation time not to exceed (10) school days per school year will be allowed and considered excused.  Vacations days must be pre-arranged five (5) days in advance.  Parent/guardian knowledge and approval is required.  All work must be completed before the vacation unless arrangements are made with the teacher.

    Tardiness Policy

    A student shall be deemed tardy when not completely in the room when the bell stops ringing.

    a.  Upon the third tardy in a semester, the student will be sent a warning that their semester grade will be lowered by 1/3 of a grade when they reach their 7th tardy and that the grade will be further lowered by 1/3 on each succeeding tardy for that class.  A notification of possible future grade reduction will be mailed to the parent/guardian.

    b.  Chronic tardiness will be referred to the superintendent or designee.

    c.  Late arrival beyond ten (10) minutes will be considered an absence and not a tardy.

    Late Arrival / Early Departure

    Students coming to school late, leaving school or returning to school must report to the office to sign in or out.  Students will be allowed to leave school (exclusive of high school lunch) only if they have a parental excuse and/or administrative permission.  STUDENTS LEAVING THE BUILDING WITHOUT PERMISSION WILL BE TREATED AS UNEXCUSED ABSENCES.

    Open Campus

    If a student wishes to leave the school during the lunch period, a written permission slip must be on file in the office at the beginning of the year.  Permission to operate a snowmobile during the lunch hour must also be secured from the parent or guardian.  The status of permission may be changed by the parent during the school year.


Last Modified on October 2, 2009