• Classroom Discipline

    Teachers are responsible for developing classroom disciplinary rules and guidelines.  These will be discussed with students, posted in the classroom, and a copy available in the Superintendent"s office.  Teachers will develop procedures for dealing with disciplinary matters in their classroom.  These procedures will include the following levels of teacher involvement in the disciplinary process:

    a.  Student-teacher conference

    b.  Detention in classroom supervised by teacher

    c.  Parental contact

    d.  Referral to Superintendent, when teacher has exhausted his/her resources.

    e.  Superintendent will arrange for detention or appropriate disciplinary action.

    f.  Non-Productive Behavior/Insubordination/Lack of Respect/ Profanity/ Continued General Misbehavior:

    Insubordination, and Disrespect for Staff 

    Students shall show respect for teachers, school staff, and fellow students.  Fighting is a display of lack of respect.  Insubordination shall be defined as refusal to follow the reasonable request of a Teacher, Superintendent, custodian, or other school employee.  Non-Productive students shall be considered insubordinate.  Profanity will not be tolerated on school property or at any school function.  The first course of action will take place within the individual classroom by the individual teacher.  When the student"s behavior becomes so severe that the teacher feels he/she cannot correct it, the Superintendent will be called on for corrective measures. 

    a.  First Offense: The student will be referred to the Superintendent or designee.

    b.  A conference may be set up which will include the Superintendent, parent/guardians, teacher and student.

    c.  Second Offense: The student will be referred to the Superintendent or designee.  A conference will be set up which will include the Superintendent, parent"s/guardians, teacher and student.  Suspension/detention will be a possibility if necessary.

    d.  Third Offense: The student will be referred to the Superintendent or designee.  The student shall be suspended for not less than five days and up to ten days.

    e.  Fourth Offense: Same as the third offense.  The student and the student"s parent/guardian shall be required to appear before the Board of Education for a hearing.

    Food and Drink Ban

    Food and beverages are not allowed at anytime in the computer lab, library or near any computers through out the building.  Food and beverages may be allowed in the classroom on special occasions as determined by the teacher and Superintendent.  Students are allowed to have water only in their classrooms no other beverages allowed.

Last Modified on October 2, 2009