• Computer Use Policy

    This network of computers was built for the students, staff and community of Mackinac Island.  With proper care, it will serve us for many years to come.  Below you will find some very important guidelines for using our computer network.  Your help in caring for the equipment is greatly appreciated. 


    Acceptable Use

    • No food or drinks allowed near computers. 
    • Treat all equipment delicately. 
    • Always save to disk (A drive) or network (H drive).  Use of network drives is for storage of assigned work only.  Any files other than schoolwork files or files stored on local drives will be removed. 
    • Computers must be used legally.  Strict adherence to copyright laws must be observed. 
    • Maintain the privacy of your password and all other personal information.  Do not tell anyone anything about yourself while using the internet, email or other electronic form of communication. 
    • Computers are to be utilized only for educational purposes related to work assigned by school staff members or those recreational purposes assigned/approved by staff members. 
    • The internet may be used only when there is assigned adult supervision in the room and only with permission.  (Librarian in the Library, aide or volunteer in the Computer Lab, etc.). 
    • Computers must be used ethically.  You are responsible for all material received from sources outside the school district, including the Intemet, under your user account.  You will keep from entering the school all pornographic material, inappropriate text files, or files dangerous to the integrity of the school"s network, equipment, or software.  The Child Internet Protection Act requires the district to filter all computers capable of internet access.  We currently use a service called Cyber Patrol, but no filtering program is perfect.  As a result students and staff must also monitor internet access to prevent students from being exposed to harmful material. 
    •  Avoid the malicious use of information technology to disrupt the use of technology by others, to harass or discriminate against others, or to infiltrate unauthorized computer systems. 
    • Obtain permission from a school official before bringing in your own software and using it on school equipment. 
    • Avoid installing computer viruses or enabling the spread of such viruses on school equipment. 
    • Do not change settings on control panels nor change default settings. 
    • Report printing problems to your instructor.  Please do not retry printing.  You may change printer settings only with permission from your teacher. 
    • Printing in color may only be done for school-related projects and with the permission of your teacher
    • Juniors & seniors only will be allowed e-mail privileges through the ISD provided mail service only.  No other e-mail may be used on the school network.  No students will be allowed use of chat rooms or other electronic communication unless given specific permission by a teacher/administrator. 
    • Seniors only may be allowed to produce personal web pages if and only if they have incurred no violations of the Computer Use Policy.  Creation of personal web pages must be done under the supervision of a teacher.  All material must be approved by a teacher before publication on the web


    Disciplinary Action

    Reading the Computer Use Policy serves as your only warning to follow the guidelines.  Failure to do so will result in the following consequences:


    • First offense - Two day suspension from the use of computers
    • Second offense - One week suspension from use of computers and referral to parents and superintendent. 
    • Third offense - One month suspension from use of computers and referral to parents and superintendent. 
    • Further offenses - Could result in the permanent loss of computer privileges


    The administration and technology team may, at their discretion, assign more serious disciplinary action.  First, second and/or third offense consequences may be waived in favor of:


    • permanent loss of computer privileges. 
    • attending training sessions. 
    • making full financial restitution for any unauthorized expenses incurred &/or for any damages caused. 
    • facing additional disciplinary action deemed appropriate in keeping with disciplinary policies and guidelines of the school system up to dismissal from employment, litigation, or expulsion from school.


    The use of technology is a privilege extended to students and staff in order to enhance learning and to exchange information.  Each user of technology shall read the Computer Use Policy and Disciplinary Action.  Each user and a parent (if the user is a student) will sign the Computer Use Agreement before using the school computers.


Last Modified on October 2, 2009