• Credit and Attendance

    The athlete may receive one quarter (1/4) credit towards their one (1) credit graduation requirement by participating in a complete athletic season if they choose.  Participation and attendance at practice is required of all athletes regardless if credit is to be granted.  Following are the requirements for credit and attendance of practices:

    A.  First unexcused absence will result in consequences imposed by the coach.Parent/Guardian notification.

    B.  Second unexcused absence will result in consequences imposed by the coach.  Parent/Guardian and Superintendent notification.

    C.  Third unexcused absence will cause the athlete to be dismissed from the team and credit will be lost.  Parent/Guardian and Superintendent notification.

    D.  Credit will be lost if an athlete is dismissed from a team for any reason as described in the Mackinac Island Public School Code of Student Conduct Athletics Section.

    An unexcused absence is an absence not having parent/guardian or coach knowledge and approval.

    Game Day Attendance

    Athletes must attend school the day of a scheduled game to participate in that game, unless the

    absence is due to pre-arranged doctor"s appointment, wedding, funeral or family emergency.  If the game is on a weekend, the athlete must attend school the preceding Friday.  Athletes will not be allowed to leave school early on the day of the game.


Last Modified on October 2, 2009