• Emergency Policies

    Emergency Closing of School

    In the event of mechanical failure, snow or ice storms, tornadoes, etc., the following procedures will be followed.

    1.  The decision to close school due to hazardous conditions is made by the Superintendent upon the recommendation of fellow staff members.

    2.  When the decision is made to close school it will be announced as soon as possible over local radio and TV stations.  If time allows a phone call will be made notifying parents/students.

    3.  If school is closed while students are in school time will be allowed between the time of the announcement and the departure of the children so that arrangements can be made for elementary students whose parents are not home.

    4.  When the school closes, it closes to all students unless specifically approved by the Superintendent.

    5.  Athletic contests, practices, class projects, etc.  may be permitted if the cause of the emergency school closing does not cause danger to the participants as determined by the Superintendent and Board President.

    Personal Injury and Insurance Policy 

    The Board at their discretion may provide insurance covering an injury to a student while participating in school sponsored activities.  This is a supplemental policy and pays expenses not covered by the parent"s policy, up to a specified amount.  The fact that the Board may carry insurance does not mean it accepts financial responsibility for injuries.  It is still the responsibility of the parents to claim injuries on their policy, or to pay for any medical expenses themselves.  More information about the school"s insurance is available in the office.  The school must authorize a visit to the Medical Center.  Unauthorized visits may result in the insurance carrier refusing to honor the claim.

    Fire Drill Policy

    Fire drills are held at irregular intervals throughout the school year.  Remember these basic rules:

    1.  Check the instructions in each classroom (they are posted) indicating how to leave the building

    in case of fire.

    2.  Walk.  No talking.  Move quickly and quietly to designated area.


    The school telephones are for business or emergency use only.  Failure to use the telephone in a courteous manner is prohibited as is use of the phone for long distance calls.  No pupil will be called to the telephone.  Messages will be delivered to elementary students.  High school students will be notified of calls via a note on the bulletin board and, if possible, personal contact.



Last Modified on December 16, 2009