• Non-Athletic Extra-Curricular Activites

    Eligibility For Non-Athletic Extra-Curricular Activities

    These standards will determine a student"s eligibility to participate in extra curricular events such as the Cultural Enrichment Program, Close-Up, Field Trips and any other non-athletic extra curricular activity:

    1) Attitude

    2) Effort

    3) Cooperation

    4) Completes Assignments

    5) Classroom Behavior (Has not been sent to office for inappropriate behavior more than once)

    6) Attendance (No unexcused absences)

    7) Tardiness (Has not served detention during the previous nine (9) weeks marking period)

    Class Activities

    Fund raising and other projects conducted by student organizations must be approved by the group"s advisor and superintendent or designee.  If the school building is used, it is the responsibility of the group to clean up and pay for any damage incurred.  Financial responsibility rests with the group"s advisor.  It is the advisors responsibility to properly deposit money, pay bills and keep accurate accounts of all receipts and expenditures.  Additional guidelines are specified in the Board Policy Book.

    Dances, Class Social Events

    The sponsoring organization is responsible for requesting their event in writing at least three school days in advance. The request shall include the names of teacher and parent chaperones.  Two chaperones are required: one chaperone must be a teacher.  The event must be approved by the class advisor and superintendent or designee.

    Event participants are limited to M.I.P.S. students, opposing teams and guest of M.I.P.S. students who have been signed up at least 24 hours in advance.  Students are responsible for their guests.  The sponsoring organization shall be held responsible for the conduct of the students present.  This means:

    a.  request the aid of chaperone in removing troublemakers

    b.  clean up mess and litter that results from activity

    c.  pay for damages, if any, to school property.

    d.  people that leave the activity will not be allowed to return.

    Field Trips/Senior Trip   

    Field trips designed to stimulate interest and inquiry and provide opportunities for social growth and development are considered appropriate extensions of the classrooms.

    A sufficient number of chaperones are to accompany the group, keeping in mind the age and maturity of the group and the distance and nature of the activity.  Further, it is urged that as many chaperones as possible be parents.

    Permission and medical release forms will be required for all off island trips.  Eligibility as  defined earlier in the code of student conduct will apply.


Last Modified on October 2, 2009