• Property Crimes


    Theft has not been a large problem in our school.  However, students should always lock their lockers, which will help protect their belongings.

    A.  Do not tempt students by leaving valuables unprotected.

    B.  Mark all personal possessions, such as gym shoes, uniforms, towels, etc.

    C.  Report the individual that is known to be the thief.  By refusing to report the sneak thief because of fear of being called a squealer, one becomes an accomplice.

    Vandalism and Property Damage

    Our school buildings and equipment cost the taxpayers much to construct, purchase and maintain.  Students who destroy or vandalize school property will be required to pay for losses or damages.  If students willfully destroy school property, suspension and subsequent expulsion along with police notification may be necessary.  If a student should happen to damage something by accident, report it to the teacher or the office immediately.  Vandalism of another person"s property will be dealt with severely.  Restitution, detention, suspension, and notification of police are possible courses of action.

Last Modified on October 2, 2009