• Student Rights

    Student Records Review Rights

    Parents and students 18 years old or older have the right to review student records and to have copies of these records.  Available records include test scores, report cards, health records, attendance records and any other records, pertaining directly to the student"s performance while enrolled in school.  An appointment to review student records should be scheduled to allow the administration time to secure the records and time to assist the individuals with the review.  For more information please contact the Superintendent.

    Title IX Rights

    The district firmly supports Title IX, the Federal law which prohibits discrimination in schools on the basis of sex.  All students of M.I.P.S. will be given the equal treatment they deserve in all classes and services provided by the school.

    Due Process Rights

    The Board recognizes the importance of safeguarding a student"s constitutional rights, particularly when subject to the District disciplinary procedures.  o better ensure appropriate due-process is provided a student, the Board establishes the following guidelines:

    A.  Students subject to short-term suspension: A student must be given both written notice of his/her suspension and the reasons therefor, and the opportunity to respond to the charges against him/her prior to the suspension.

    B.  Students subject to long-term suspension (greater than ten (10) days and expulsion: A student and his/her parent of guardian must be given written notice of the intention to suspend and expel and the reasons therefore, and an opportunity to appear with a representative before the Board to answer the charges.  The student and/or his/her guardian must also be provided a brief description of the student"s rights and of the hearing procedure, a list of the witnesses who will provide testimony to the Board, and a summary of the facts to which the witnesses will testify. The hearing may be private, but the Board must act publicly.



Last Modified on October 2, 2009