• Use of School Property

    Fee and Expense Policy

    In general, the district must provide, without cost, those materials used during the course of the school year.  The board reserves the right to charge fees for: projects students take home, a refundable book rental, damages to school property, extracurricular activities and any other materials which the district is not required by law to provide.

    Student Materials/Equipment

    Materials and equipment needed by the student to successfully complete classroom assignments will be distributed by the individual classroom teacher.  It is expected that all material and equipment be properly used and taken care of.  All unused materials and equipment must be returned at the request of the teacher or at the end of the school year.  The Board reserves the right to issue materials and equipment using a ration system.


    A.  Assigned by the administration.

    B.  Areas are reserved for each some grade as determined by the administration.

    C.  Valuables:

    1.  Do not leave money or other valuables in your locker.

    2.  If you must bring a sum of money to school, or have collected money from a class project, take the money to the office and it will be kept safely for you and credited to the proper account.

    3.  If the office is not open, turn all money in your possession over to your advisor until it can be secured in the office.

    D.  Care of lockers:

    1.  A locker is the property of the school, not the student.  It is subject to inspection by the administration at any time.  Locks may be cut to gain entrance if a key is not available.

    2.  Having a locker is a privilege, not a right.

    3.  Keep it clean and orderly.

    4.  Do not tamper with another person"s locker.  Those who do are immediately suspected of theft and/or any damages that may occur.

    Use of School Grounds for parking Bicycles and Snowmobiles

    Bicycles โ€“ The bicycle parking area is on the northwest side of the building for high school students.  Bicycles are not to be parked on the sidewalks near any of the exits and must be placed in the racks provided.  Snowmobiles -Snowmobile parking is allowed on the West side of the building at least 100 feet from the building - behind the signs.

    Use of School Property with Snowmobiles

    Please note that the agreement between the Board of Education and the City of Mackinac Island permits snowmobiles on school property under the following conditions:

    1.  Snowmobiles are operated in a safe, prudent manner.

    2.  Snowmobiles are to be parked in the area to the West of the high school entrance, behind the signs.  This applies both to day and night.

    3.  Snowmobiles crossing school property shall travel North to South along a line approximately 100 feet West of the swing set at the elementary end.

    4.  Unless granted special permission for deliveries bringing or picking up injured/sick students snowmobiles are not to be operated near the entry ways of the building.

    5.  Once a student arrives on school grounds his/her snowmobile is to be parked.  Students are not permitted to operate their snowmobiles other than at noon โ€“ to go home for lunch โ€“ or after school, unless by written permission from parent/guardian and Superintendent.

    6.  Police officials are empowered to ticket snowmobile operators for speeding, illegal parking, reckless driving, and operation in areas prohibited within this description.

    7.  School authorities - The Superintendent is empowered to prohibit students from operating snowmobiles on school property if they fail to follow the guidelines of this policy and/or disregard the safety of others.

    8.  A student must possess a valid snowmobile safety certificate or drivers license to use a snowmobile on school property.


Last Modified on October 2, 2009